Enrique’s team scored a total of 124 goals, only conceded 27 goals from FIFA 15

Barcelona is about to participate in next week’s Champions League match against Manchester City 1/8 final, second leg match, which had been cut Barca King’s Cup final last week, Barcelona regain the La Liga standings one. The reason to achieve such good results, and Barcelona strong attack inseparable. In this season of 41 games, Barca scored a total of 124 goals, only lost 27 goals, averaging more than three goals scored in total margin of 97 balls.

Trident unstoppable

124 goals were Messi, Neymar and Barcelona striker Suarez composed of Trident arranged nearly two-thirds, three of them were scored 80 goals. Which Messi scored 41 goals, the sixth consecutive goals over 40 seasons, in addition to Neymar and Suarez scored 26 goals and 13 respectively ball.

Barcelona’s attack came in the first Europe-wide, no team can shake the status of Barcelona. Real Madrid is Europe’s second most number of goals the team scored a total of 115 goals, striker trio C Ronaldo, Benzema and Bell consisting of a total of 72 goals scored. The third row is Guardiola coached Bayern Munich (98 balls), Arjen Robben, Lewandowski and Muller scored a total of 51 goals; ranked fourth in the Chelsea coach Jose Mourinho (93 goals ), Diego – Costa, Azar and Oscar scored a total of 39 balls. Juventus is the highest scoring team in Italy, scored a total of 71 goals, Tevez, Morata and Llorente scored a total of 37 goals.

Sturdy defense

In addition to the attack, Barcelona’s defense is also impressive, only 27 clean sheets (averaging 0.65 goals), ranked third in Europe. All of Europe is the least number of goals conceded Bayern Munich (19 goals) and Juventus (24 goals), the former averaging 0.52 goals conceded, which averaged 0.66 goals conceded. Real Madrid lost 37 goals came in fifth, averaging 0.9 throw the ball; Chelsea lost 36 balls in the sixth, averaging 0.83 goals lost.

The above statistics prove Louis – Enrique’s team on both ends has a good performance.